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A lot of companies are pulling out their old Cisco wireless infrastructure to upgrade or replace it all together. As a result its pretty easy to get your hands on older Cisco AP’s, unfortunately by default they require a special controller in order to function. If you want to turn your old Cisco LWAP AP into something other than a paperweight, you either need to get an older controller or convert the AP to Autonomous. The following snippet is what I had to do to convert my Cisco AP from LWAP to Autonomous. Surprisingly they don’t cover this sort of thing on the CCNA wireless exam; or at least not back when I took it.

Before you begin, just make sure you get the proper “k9w7” autonomous code; bear in mind that “k9w8” is the lightweight code. In my case I had an old Aironet 1130 AG Access Point, so I had to get my hands on the c1130-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA.tar code. I also needed to setup a TFTP server inside the same vlan as the AP. After I consoled into the AP and logged in to it I had to do the following…

debug lwapp console cli
debug lwapp client no-reload
config t
int fa 0
 ip address
archive download-sw /force-reload /overwrite tftp://
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This Cacti template should work with any autonomous Cisco AP. It will SNMP poll and display all active Cisco AP Dot11 Associations in Cacti. Note the AP I am testing with has an AIR-RM3000AC-A-K9 module, giving me an extra radio.

Cisco Dot11 - Active Wireless Clients

If you do not have a 802.11AC radio installed in your AP then after importing you may need to modify the Graph Template and remove all the Radio2 graph template items; not doing so may cause the graph not to display properly.

SNMP OIDs queried: [SOURCE]

ActiveWirelessClients (for 2.4Ghz radio) = OID: .
ActiveWirelessClients (for 5Ghz radio) = OID: .
ActiveWirelessClients (AIR-RM3000AC-A-K9) = OID: .

This Cacti template will import/update the following items:


  • Normal
  • Exact Numbers

Data Input Method

  • Get SNMP Data

Data Template

  • Cisco Dot11 – Radio0 Associations
  • Cisco Dot11 – Radio1 Associations
  • Cisco Dot11 – Radio2 Associations

Graph Template

  • Cisco Dot11 – Active Wireless Clients